Louis Marinelli at a press conference in Moscow, Russia (July, 2021)

Louis Marinelli is the political activist who founded the California secessionist movement known around the world as Calexit and is currently the president of the California independent movement at YesCalifornia. He believes California has the capacity to govern itself independently and that it is time for the United States of America to dissolve into smaller, regional federations that will be better positioned to provide government that represents and serves the interests of its citizens… and allow for the preservation of political stability and peace on the North American continent.

That is why Marinelli has been an advocate for reaching out and developing relationships with other secessionist movements in the United States and around the world. He is proud of the working relationship members of his organization have developed and maintained with secessionist movements in Washington, Oregon, Greater Cascadia, Texas, New Hampshire, Hawai’i, and Alaska, as well as international movements pursuing their independence in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Catalonia, and Baja Mexico, to name a few.

In 2016, Marinelli embarked on a new journey in his life that would give him the opportunity to live, work, and travel abroad. Since then, he’s gained invaluable life experiences and developed lifelong relationships in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He welcomed his first child into the world in February this year, and is currently living in Moscow, Russia.

Marinelli was not able to participate in the 2021 recall election against Gavin Newsom as he had planned. Although he was able to quickly attain US citizenship for his newborn child, he has to wait for the American Embassy in Moscow to start issuing visas to Russian citizens such as his wife so he can return to California together with his family.

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